Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Marriage Celebration of Andy V. and Brittany A.

Hello, dearest Readers and Viewers alike,
I pray you are doing wonderful tonight-the Lord is so good, isn't He!? He makes my heart truly happy and at peace. Ah. Do you know Him? Do you have that peace that only He can bring? (If you don't, we would love to tell you more about Him!)
Alrighty, here's the wedding post! Hope you enjoy it. I'm afraid I did an awful job of putting the pictures in sequential order, so a few teaspoons of creativity on your part will be necessary. :D The wedding was such a peaceful, relaxed one-I love those. God was truly glorified that day by the events of His children as they joined hands in holy matrimony. They had the bride and her attendants at her home, (a few miles down the road from the lake the wedding was held at) and then, whenever the father of the groom felt like it was the right time, he sent his son, the groom, to go get her and bring her to the marriage feast-it was such a beautiful picture of what God will do with His Son, and how Jesus will come and get us, and take us to the greatest Wedding Feast of all time!!! That is so exciting!!!!!! There was much excitement awaiting the time when Andy went to get Brittany, and much joy at their coming. The vows were beautiful and solemn, and the prayers and the things the two fathers shared all very encouraging, all painting a picture of Christ and His Church. Bless the Lord for such a time.
When ever a car was heard on the highway, everybody was looking around, waiting, watching for the wedding party-it was really neat.
Andy and Brittany-April 18, 2009Adorable Specimens
All the dogwood was so pretty!
The unity candle and salt covenant table. Y'all, they did this really neat thing called a salt covenant-During Old Testament times, people sealed their covenants with salt-each person would take their pouch of salt and mix it with the other's salt-it was that, if you can take out all your grains, (which of course is impossible) then only can the covenant be broken. It was a really poignant picture of two becoming one.


Homeschoolmummyx3 said...

Thank you dear sweet sister for posting the beautiful wedding pictures. It was as if I were there wishing them well along with everyone else.

Regina from Pennsylvania

OurLilFullFam said...

Neat, we went to a wedding about 3 years ago where they did the salt covenant. I had never seen it, and haven't since. It was very special, as I am sure this was too!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful Wedding pictures, Adeline.
I got a few good ones also--as many as I could get while trying to video at the same time. :)
It was such a God-honoring wedding. Very exciting to be a part of! Andy and Brittany's testimony is a bright shining light!

I hope we can see each other again soon.

In Christ,
Tiffany Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for being at the wedding!! It was so nice to see all of you again. Your family is so special to us and we hope to meet again soon. Keep in touch. Beautiful pictures!!

Mrs. Vawser