Friday, April 10, 2009

Grand Spelunking Expedition 2009

Good evening, dears!

Here we are, to report on the great and 3'rd trip to the Saltpeter Caverns, or, as we all call it "The Cave", deep down in which, you would have discovered Cleveland, Wesley, Dorothy, me, Martha, Andrew, Sam and John Morton, along with 18 or so other folks that we know, last weekend, from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. The Lord really blessed our time, and I do think it was the best trip yet! I present to you some wordage, along with pictures from our time down there, and some from up there, taken with our faithful camera, who devotedly captured what ever we told it too, despite all very-odd odds. He survived the expedition with no injuries and "is still alive today." :D I'm so grateful to the Lord for that, and also for keeping everyone safe while we were down there. His creation, mercy and love are soo very wonderful.
Alrighty, here we go...Above is the caravan, with all it's occupants tumbling out-the applying of boots is being done, as well as the putting on of gear, backpacks and plain ole' stuff, onto the backs of all.
Andrew ready to roll!
Classy Caver-Dorothy Dear
Armando with his pack-so proud of you, buddy!
Cutie Caver, Martha Doll

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