Thursday, April 09, 2009

Girls walking...
Uncle Bret, the wonderful expedition leader.
And, look, y'all!!! Here's what we repelled to see-the waterfall. Isn't really, truly awesome!? God is amazing. (I've out a little stick man there for proportion-actually, we were a little smaller. The girls say allot smaller. Ah, well. It gives you an idea, anyway. :)
Some of the boys repelled down into it, but most of us sat on the moist rocks, in the dim light, listening to the falling water on the rocks below...we all sang, too-old hymns, round songs, musicals-I think that was my favorite part of the whole trip. Singing to the Lord from way down under the earth. Ah, and the acoustic were just unbelievable. The ceiling of this room was so incredibly tall, that you felt like you were outside on a dark night. Simply amazing.
And here's the whole lot of us, Sunday morning, around the entrance of the cave. What a blessed time we had. We're all looking forward to next time, Lord willing! Until then, pictures and a huge pile of many wonderful memories will be ours to enjoy!! God is so good.

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Down the Lane said...

Great pictures Adeline!!
Thanks for letting us sisters of cavers have the pictures also. You are a great photographer and you have a good eye on how to catch all of God's creation on earth and under it! :-)I so hope I can come along next time!
Love ya,
Brittany L.