Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We're Back!

Hello, Dear Friends!
Hope you are all well out there! The Mortonclan has been doing wonderfully, and happy to be back in bloggy world...We've been enjoying delicious weather down here lately, in the 70's, with blue skies, fragrant winds and white clouds to pass the days by...the gardening catalogs arrived in the mail yesterday, and I know garden fever will soon ensue!! ;)
Well, I'm all done with September blogging. I promise. I'm almost through with 'back blogging' and can't wait to catch up! What bliss. An up to date blog...what a novelty!
To go all the way back, after the wedding, all we girls got party fever, and stayed up many a night, plotting and planning for a ladies "Autumn Luncheon" for November 17~what delightful times!!! Staying up all night on the bed with my dearest friends and sisters, discussing every detail and plan of the upcoming party, pillow fights and hot chocolate....Ahh....
The Lord blessed it, and a good time was had by all. We had a delightful lunch and afternoon together~about 65 or so of our dear lady friends were able to come, and some even came from out of state~what a blessing to see them all. After lunch, we played our own version of scattergories, Kressant taught all the girls a new dance, and we all enjoyed a time to honor our dear mothers....what a delight to spend the whole afternoon with such precious mothers and daughters.
Lets see...in early December, Cleveland had hernia surgery - Thank you , Dr. Baddour -the Lord is blessing his recovery~it's been so much fun to have him home from work in the day times!!! We are going to miss him so bad when he gets fully recovered and goes back to work... *sniff* But it will be a blessing that he will be completely well.
Wesley and Rachel's home is coming along well! It is so pretty~Saturday, Wes and Mike Jr. put up a lot of siding, and Wesley hopes to have the fireplace and chimney built in the next few weeks. That will be exciting.
Oh!! and that brings me to our biggest piece of news!!! Haha, what joy! First thing, Katie called to day, and said she's been having Braxton-Hicks contractions all day and night, and Alan declares Smith cutie #2 has dropped some!!! Hopefully in the next few days you will be getting live blog updates on the birth of our 3rd grand baby!
And NOW!!!!! {some of you may have already heard through the grape vine, as it is rather old news, but delightful all the same!!}
The Lord is good~we are happy to announce that:
Michael Jr. and Kressant are expecting their 2nd baby in August!
Wesley and Rachel are expecting their 1st in June!!!!! Praise the Lord!

We hope you all have a blessed week!
{Adeline for} The Morton Clan


Anna Naomi said...

I enjoyed hearing your updates! I'll be praying that Katie has a wonderful, safe delivery, and Kressant and Rachel have healthy pregnancies!

Anonymous said...

I hope we get more regular updates from now on...particularly with all the exciting news! I do love seeing photos and hope you are able to share photos of W and R's new home and of the two ladies as they bloom through the coming months with pregnancy

Claire said...

All these exciting baby announcements! Many congratulations and blessings!

The Cochran's said...

Oh! Congratulations to Michael and Kressant and Wesley and Rachel!!! I just saw this blog post and am so happy for you all!!!

With Love,

Savannah (For The Cochran Family)

donna abbott said...

Congratulations on the coming babies! What precious gifts from God and what a priviledge it is to be given those children to raise for Him. Our prayers are with your families.

The Abbotts