Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ronald Michael Smith

Hello, Y'all!
Well, here we are in Griffin at last!!! The Mama is doing wonderfully, and resting well! Ah, Katie is such a trooper, and looks so sweet, sitting up in bed, propped up on pillows, in such a pretty blue gown, holding their new son...smiling and laughing as always!

Oh, little Ron is absolutely the cutest, softest, chunkiest little bundle of sweetness you will ever see!!!!! Neither I, nor Mama, have ever seen such a soft baby!! He is just so~ squishy. And so adorable you could eat him up.

He seems to be just a very laid back kind of little guy, with a little bit of dark hair that feels like peach fuzz...he has a huge double chin, and rolls on his chunky little legs! He crosses his feet and tosses one relaxed arm above his head when he lays down as if he were in a hammock on the beach, cool as a cucumber! Unlike the official report that he has big ears, he in fact has small ears. Go figure!! LOL!

When we began to compare notes with Katie and Alan, we found that the Lord had heard our prayers in amazing ways.
We petitioned Him to please give Katie a very strong, unbearable urge to push - and she said - I had this really strong , undeniable urge to push......
We asked Him to give Alan wisdom and even that he would know what particular position she should be in - and she said - Alan just calmly said, sweetheart, get right here and then we'll proceed......
We prayed that she would have peace -
and she said - I was all tense, wanting this to happen and that person to come, and then I realized, wait a minute, the Lord is in control and I don't need to be tense and anxious...
Mr. Bret got a call at work , to pray, and he went for a walk and asked the Lord to please bring the baby quickly, with not too long a labor -
and an hour later, he got a call - It's a boy!!!!

Well, we leave you with joyful hearts , filled with praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. He surely intercedes for us before the Father. The Lord God hears our prayers and is a gracious and merciful Shepherd and Lord.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.....
Praise Him, all creatures here below....
Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts...
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


Strangfamily said...

God bless you all and much congratulations to the proud Momma and Papa! (Also congratulations to Grandpa and Grandma and all the beautiful family!) We love following all of the wonderful things that the LORD does in your family!
In Christ Jesus,
The Ken Strang Family
in Northern Oregon

The Cochran's said...

Congratulations on the birth of Ronald Michael!!!

We are so happy for you all!!!

With Love,
Savannah (For The Cochran Family)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Smith and Morton families on the birth of sweet little Ronald! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. : )

Much love from over here in Alabama,
The Shepherds

donna abbott said...

Ronald Michael is a beautiful baby! He will be such a fun playmate for his big brother. You are blessed, and we are rejoicing with you!

The Abbotts

Baleboosteh said...

What a wonderful blessing from the Lord - and what a wonderful birth story too! God's goodness is simply amazing. May God richly bless Katie and Michael and all of you as you raise your little ones to know and love the Lord.
With love from,
Michelle, Robert, Isaac and Elisha