Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bambino update...

Howdy, Folks!
Kress just call Beth for an update, and Beth said that Katie's in the shower, and Alan says she is dilating!!
Daddy, Mama and Martha are going to run up there as soon as Daddy get get away from work, {about 30 min. or so} and the rest of us will skip up there as soon as~Well, I don't know. the plans are all up in the air!
All we girls are sitting around, talking, praying, chattering and giggling about what we think it's gonna be, and how fun a little girl would be, and how fun it would be to have 3 nephews!!! We are having a ball, and all have our journals out, scribbling away...

The guesses are as follows:

Kress: 8 lb 5 boy
Dorothy: 8 lb girl
Martha: {changed her guess from last post, naughty girl} NEW GUESS~7 lb 12 girl
Mama: 7 lb 10 girl {I think she's going to win!}
Me, Adeline: 7 lb girl
Rachel: "Girls, I refuse to choose, because I forgot what Wesley said. But, if it's a girl, 7 1/2 lbs, if a boy, then it's 8 lbs. "

Throw in some guesses, folks! If we get enough, somebody's bound to get it right~LOL, we'll see!!

Thanks for your prayers!
Love, Adeline


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like Kress took the prize for being the closest! Congrats!!!

My Redeemer Liveth said...

My guess is an 8lb 8oz little boy. Of course, my guess doesn't count because lil' Ronald is already born!!! :D
Blessings to all the Mortons and Smiths!
Ever in the Lord,
Anna~For the Stones ;)