Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Campana Theatricals Inc

Helen, GA. On Thursday evening, the Campana family of FL. had a delightful skit prepared. "The year before Christmas" was performed by the brave and cheerful young clan members~Above, Mr. Campana gives an opening word before the dramatic presentation begins.

In Order of Appearance:

Clock: Miss Gracia
Zachariah: Mr. Jeremiah
Elizabeth: Miss Alyssa
Mary: Miss Moriah
Gabriel, angel: Mr. Nicholas
Angel: Miss Gabriella
Joseph: also played by Mr. Jeremiah

A delightful collection of songs were sung between scenes by the above mentioned actors and actresses~A splendid job was done by all, and it was a great blessing to all present. They received a rousing round of applause by the delighted audience, and it is rumored that this traveling theatrical company may again grace the stage with fearless hearts and happy faces. "

The delighted audience


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