Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our Week in North Georgia

Hello, All!
Below is a narrative of our wonderful days in North Georgia, December 23-29, 2007~What a heart full of happy memories we brought home, and such precious times we had together!!
We spent the week at a lovely resort in the mountains~10 quaint little cabins widely encircling a big lodge, with two big rivers right beside it for pleasant walks, rafting, :) and perfect spots to sit down and read beside the very cold , rushing water...We, {my family, Katie and Alan, Mike and Kress, and Wes and Rachel} were so blessed to be able to spend the whole week together as a family in cabin #1~and it was to our great delight that our precious Grand Daddy and Nana were able to join us, [though in another cabin} from Monday to Wednesday! Then from Wednesday through Saturday , the Smith, Roberts, Campana, Reed, and Davis families joined us, each having a little cabin to enjoy! We all gathered together in the evenings at the lodge to enjoy singing, stories, skits, plays, games and laughter!!! What a joyous time with God's people.
On Monday, first off, we all packed up and went to the Dillard House for lunch, and had a superb time! We took advantage of the beautiful back drop of the Georgia mountains to take a family picture! Hope you enjoy! {Mama and Daddy were taking it, hence their absence from the picture)
We are so grateful to the Lord for the special time we all had together!!
Hope you enjoy all the pictures....
Love in Christ,
{Adeline and Mom for all} The Mortons

P.S. Some how, half of this vacation post ended up waaay down there, so keep scrolling for more!
Also, thanks to W&R Morton, Mr. Willy R., and dear Abbi S. for all the pictures of Helen and the pix. of the rehearsal dinner!

Here we is, y'all!!!

"Za four of uz" On a previous visit to this same spot , we made this exact picture. It is so neat to compare the two snapshots..... Sorry we could not share the other pic with you - it's not available....
Cleve and Dee
This speaks for itself, I think.. :)
A dear little obese beastie who came out to greet us...poor thing....what a chunk.

Grand Daddy and Nana!!!

The whole kit 'n kaboodle Morton Clan!
Wesley and Rachel...awww...Oh, and that's our sweet waitress in the back ground! Lisa, I believe was her name~very helpful and nice.

My sweet sisters and sisters-in-love! What jewels...
Dearest Mama and Precious Daddy...

Martha Sweet

On the way home, {to the cabins, that is} we three girls rode with Grand Daddy and Nana! { with Wes and Rachel close behind} And we took the breath taking scenic route back!! loverly, loverly... here we stopped by a pretty view for a breath and leg stretch, and Rachel snapped this picture with our dear big bubba...

Dorothy looking out over the mountains....beautiful, honey, beautiful...

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