Tuesday, June 02, 2009

'Sisters' :)
Saturday night Elizabeth Botkin talked about What my Father Taught me about Boys and Mr. Geoff Botkin spoke on How Hollywood is Stealing the Minds and Hearts of our Daughters and What to Do About It. We also enjoyed hearing from dads and daughters about what the Lord had showed them over the weekend-it's always so exciting to see the hearts of fathers and daughters turn towards each other! Praise God!!!! I am so excited!!!

There was also some fun games played that kept everybody in stitches. :D
We said goodbye to everybody that evening and left early that next morning-it's always so sad to say goodbye to everybody-ah, how one desires longer visits! :) It's also exciting going home, to see the rest of the darling fam, and to start/keep doing the things that God has called woman, and more specifically, daughters, to do. To be reminded, refreshed, encouraged-having learned new things, new ways to be a more effective, joyful, submissive, productive, godly daughter, who rejoices in being in her father's house and under his authority-who takes hold of and revels in the HUGE sphere God has put us daughters in, and as one who seeks to serve her family, and further her father's vision for the glory of Jesus Christ. Oh, my goodness, girls-we have a massive responsibility. We have soo much to do-so little time to do it. This time of daughter-hood in our father's house (for the majority of us, Lord willing) will pass. May we be vigilant, diligent, and wise daughters!!! I want to go re-read my notes-I'm so excited!!! God help us!!

Love a blessed, happy, encouraged, convicted, inspired daughter,

P.S. Here's a picture of our Father and Mother. The Head and his Crown. May God help us daughters to be the Polished Corner Stones.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Adeline for sharing. It is so encouraging to see all the daughters out there who are polishing their corner stones by wanting to be the daughter that God plans for them to be. Your blog always refreshes me and I look at it almost every day to get encouraged.

God bless,
Mrs. Vawser

justagirl4god said...

How beautiful to have time with your father and sisters - I wish we had something like that here in Australia! I hope you were blessed and encouraged by the time away - perhaps in your next post you could share some things you learnt?



Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had fun! I hope that next time we may go together! Good job Addie with all the pictures! You have a gifting with the camera.I love you! Hope to see you soon. Love to all of you Mortons,
Anna P.

Miss F. said...


It was wonderful to visit with y'all on Friday. Lord willing we will be there next year with Caroline (6) in tow :)

Give my best to your family,
Miss F.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece on the duties of godly daughters. The retreat looked like a wonderful time.



Tiffany said...

So glad to see that y'all had such a wonderful time! I was blessed to be able to attend the retreat both last year and the year before and hope to go back again. The fellopship, teaching, and time with your father is priceless.
Callaway is such a lovely place. We are so bleesed that we live so close to there. I know so many who have to travel such great distances.
Sorry it had to rain, but I see that you made the best of it!


Dear Mrs. Vawser, I'm so glad the Lord has worked through us to encourage you-that is encouraging to us! :) God bless you too, and congratulations on being a Grand Mama!!! Praise God!
Hello, justagirl4god! I do hope to do that soon-sometimes it's helpful to write down and re-read things I learned, so as to stay focused and remind myself of the wonderful things the Lord shows us. :)You're from Australia!!? That is soo cool!! Hey, what is the weather like over there? :D Forgive my curiosity, I just think it's so neat that you're over there and I'm over here!! Haha, brilliant thought, right? :)
God bless!
Anna dear, hope to see you soon, too-love you! Send our affectionate greetings to your family.
Miss F., it was such a joy getting to visit with you, as well! I know Caroline is looking forward to that. :)Hope to see you and yours soon! Please tell them we said hello!
The retreat really was a blessing, Victoria. So refreshing!
Tiffany, we may have seen you year before last! Wouldn't that be something. And isn't it wonderful to be Georgian!? I love it. :) God bless!

Love to all,


The Pendletons said...

I will indeed Addie! I hope to see you soon, dear!
Love always!