Saturday, June 13, 2009

Martha Harriet

Here's my precious 'little' sister!! She was dear and let me use her for a photography subject-and such a lovely and delightful one! We three girls had a great time down in the woods, laughing, talking, climbing over fences...LOL, sisters are wonderful.
Here's my favorite one-although the 'picture' might could use some help, I love what the picture is of-it is so Martha-ish. She is always so joyful, even when she may be having a hard day or if circumstances may be difficult. She is such an inspiration to me.
Beautiful blue eyes!!

Anybody have a favorite? Oh, and if any of you photographers out there have any more pointers, please, as always, send them on!! I would be very grateful.

Well, gotta hop along, y'all...have a lovely Saturday afternoon. The Lord has helped me to catch up on some of the things I sorta' felt behind in. Isn't He good? :) He gives us such peace, even when we feel overwhelmed at times...Ah.

So blessed in Jesus,


The Pendletons said...

Hey Addie,
All of the pics are great! My favorite would have to be the one of Mart sitting on the porch! Lovely!
I love you!

justagirl4god said...

Well done! Even if you don't think so, your photography work is as beautiful as any professional I know! I love the last one the best - it is true when they say the eyes are the window to the soul - and I think you have captured this.

amy b. said...

Hi Adeline!

Oh, what lovely pictures!

I especially like the last one and the third one!

The lighting is so beautiful!

God Bless,

Michael Thomas said...

The "Beautiful Blue Eyes" is such an amazing shot. The shallow depth of field is great too.

Alan Smith said...

Martha,you are beautiful.Adeline you captured it beautifully!
I love and and admire all of my grown up little sisters!
Love always,KAtie

SmithFamily said...

Oh! how lovely!! Wonderful work Addi!! Muad really likes picture #2 and #5!! I like 1;)Marthy your just beuatiful!!
We love and miss y'all!
Beth and Maud

OurLilFullFam said...

Nice pictures! It looks like a nice time too.

I love hydrangeas, they are so pretty and require almost no work. Ours are a very deep purple this year and very neat looking.

I love getting caught up, such a great feeling!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that dress? I love it!

The pictures are just lovely...I especially like the Martha-ish photo.
Very lovely.

By the way, what kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market for one.

A North Carolina reader who loves your blog and is inspired by your godly family.

Emily Prouty said...

My favorite is the second to last picture of Martha on the porch with the sunshine behind her, but all of the pictures are pretty.

How are y'all doing? How's your garden?
We got the envelope with the things my dad left at your house. Thank you for sending them back. And thank you for the lovely note you included, Adeline, that was very sweet and very encouraging to Rose and I.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photography. I love the modesty that is present too. Thanks for sharing these.


Emily Rachael said...

How can one choose?!
They're all SO lovely, Addie!
Martha, you make the sweetest little subject!
I think, though, If I had to choose one, my favorite would be the second to last one.
Beautiful composition! Darling!
Hope y'all are doing well!
God bless,

Anna said...

Oh she's so photogenic! I love it. One quick tip would be on the third one, where she is walking on the railing, to get more in front of her to have more depth. And also to place her head more towards the top. Lovely!

Gracie said...

What lovely pictures Martha and Adeline!!! They are all so pretty, but I guess my favorites are the first and fourth, but I do like them all!! You are so pretty Martha!! Well, love yall!! love, Grace S. (for all the girls!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like them! Especially the eye one, I really like it.
What camera and lens do you use? I would love to be a photographer (is that your dream as well?) but I don't have the money to buy a nice camera. :-/ Keep up the good work, I love seeing your photos! O, and I really like the sunset one too...I feel that way every night at sunset. We have a cow hill behind us, with no trees or anything, and it's really a beautiful place to take sunset pictures. :-D

Thanks for your blog!

-Rachel in Ohio

P.S. I'm old are you?


Hey, y'all!!

Thanks so much for the tips and encouragement!! So kind of you all.

To the N.C. reader-first, hello, :D so glad you stopped by! We made the dress, adapting it from a pattern that we had, using a blue polka dot fabric . And as to the camera, we have a Nikon D60, and an 18-55 mm lens was used for these pictures. Hope this was the information you were looking for. God bless!
Emily, we're doing great! Glad to hear the package got there OK. We sure did enjoy your visit a few months back. Yes, the garden is coming along real well-we've got tons of delicious veggies! :) Tell your sweet family we send our greetings. The Lord bless you all!
Hello, Rachel!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures! We use a Nikon D60, and an 18-55 mm was used to take the ones of Martha. While I do hope to improve the gifts and interest that the Lord has given me (sewing, photography, music, art, gardening or whatever those things might be) my "dream" is to help my (Daddy, right now, and Lord willing one day) my husband, with his dream/vision that God has given him. In Genesis, God speaks of how He created the woman to be a help meet to her husband-so, as a woman, my dream is his dream! And what's so cool is that, God gives us women lots and lots of incredible gifts and talents that He wants us to use to further His Kingdom, by using them to serve and help our (Dad or) husband! A helper is such an awesome calling. There's no limit to the creativity and joy that we can have when we take the role of daughter and wife to our hearts and revel in it and get busy!!! Isn't this exciting!!!!???

God bless you. Oh, by the way, I've heard that ebay is a good place to look for cameras and such. Hope you can get one soon!

In Christ,


p.s. I'm 17. :)