Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh, Mama and Daddy just returned Saturday evening from their 27 wedding anniversary trip to Charles, SC-they left Wednesday, and had a wonderful time! They stayed at the Inn at Middleton Place, and enjoyed the lovely gardens and delicious food...we miss them lots here, and were so glad when they got back. It was fun for a day or two with it being all kids here, but after a little while, it got very, very old very quickly!! :D
I am so grateful for my parent's love for the Lord and each other, and for the beautiful picture of Christ and His Church that they live out...It's such a blessing to have parents who are so deeply in love after 27 years of marriage!! "It gets better everyday" Daddy says. This sunset was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, I think. Ah, sun sets and rises bring such glory to their Maker!!
A Rusty Rake
Anna The Cat had 5 or 6 of the cutest little fluff balls recently-aren't they precious? There is one who is extra hairy, and he just cracks me up, especially when it rains and he gets wet-too funny!! See, there he is, in the middle-LOL!
Oh, on Sunday, for supper, we got pizza-haha, look! Tons of pizza!

Ahh...well, I hope to be back soon with more soon-I'm super behind on posting...and journaling, and writing and cleaning and sewing and studying. And allot of other things, it feels like. Ah! pray for me, when you think of it, that I would be diligent and get all that I need to get done, done. I know the Lord will help me. He is soo good!!!

Have a great afternoon, y'all!

Love in Him,


OurLilFullFam said...

Oh, I wish I would have known they were coming, that is very very close to our house! I would have loved to meet them!

Were they able to see the horseshoe driveway all lit up with the torches?

It is so beautiful there. My kids love to roll down the grassy steps to the butterfly lakes. But, this time of year there are usually some alligators sunning so they don't!

The flowers are so pretty. If you guys come in late March, all the camellia's are still in bloom and they azalea's are just starting - it is breath taking. Next time y'all are close, let me know!!

I do love the little kitties and pizza boxes, that is a neat picture.



Hey, Stephanie!

Oh, they would have loved to meet you as well! It would be delightful to see y'all next time we're up there. We love Charlestown-it's one of our favorite spots!

They did not mention the horseshoe drive lit up-I know that would be beautiful!! They love walking around Middleton place-they said the butterfly lakes are wonderful!! Alligators!? uh, no fun. :)

God bless you!!

Love, Adeline

The Pendletons said...

Hey y'all,
Congratulations to Mr. Michael and Miss Jenine!
Kress had told me that Anna was pregnant when we were up there last time! They are sooo cute!
Love y'all!

OurLilFullFam said...

Alligators scare me. Friends have lost hunting dogs to them last season. It has been illegal to kill them because they were low in number, now there are more than enough!!! I don't want my kids to be mistaken for a dog!

Yes, let me know next time y'all are close!

I am glad they had a good time though!