Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Our Life of Late

Hello, dear people!

Ahh...So much of life-God is good! Also true to the title, it is late, as well. :D Here's what's been happening in the past few weeks.
First off, Pauly has been wounded-the poor lad tripped on the umbrella he was running with and sliced his little hoof open. After being rushed to the doctor and receiving 7 stitches and the orders to stay off that foot, our boy has taken to the couch and wheelchair, and has done a great job of occupying himself-looking at books, playing with kittens and pairing socks, a job that has earned him the title of Chief Sorter of Sockages. :) It's getting better everyday, praise God!Martha's mullin, mullen (?) plant is about to bloom!! Our dear Resident Herbalist is quite tickled. :)
And here's Carlos on Memorial Day-ah-does it get any cuter!?
Beautiful Grand Mama smiling at her grandbabies...
I subjected this poor child to my hoodie-torture. But doesn't he look cute!? He loved it! (well...Dorothy adds, "for a few seconds" ;) a statement to which I agree... :)
Cards. Do you have any of those things at your house that, no matter what you do, you can't seem to keep them in order? Ah! Cards were our lot. The rubber bands didn't do the job. Here's John Man, ever faithful, sorting them all out again. Since this picture was taken, however, The Lord gave us the idea of putting each deck into a little sandwich zip-lock bag, and it's worked!!! Tra-la! The Lord is so gracious to give us those little tips on house keeping.... :D
We had all the married kids and grandkids over Memorial day for a big dinner-we had such a great time. Here's a little plate detail....
And a rose detail-there's just something about raindrops on the velvet petals.
And---My people, read the signs above for your own safety, because...TA-Da!! No steps, dear-but look! See, Daddy and the boys are building a big deck/porch on the back of our home! We are very excited.
Oh, and see that window, farthest to the left, in the row of three? It was replaced with a door, so that way you can go to any floor of the house you want from outside, with out having to wind your way up from the inside. :) Lord willing, a second story "sleeping porch' will be the ceiling of the bottom porch, and there will be stairs leading up to it-then, from the Sleeping porch, stairs will lead up to those two windows at the very tip top, where the windows will be replaced with these French doors!
T'arn't they purty? The Lord blessed us with a great deal on it, too. I love the door handles...
And here it is, as of today. I believe new siding is in the plans, and can't you see Confederate Jasmine climbing up the pole things!!? God is so good.
Where many feet, Lord willing, will patter one day. With out the nails and screws, of course. :)


The Campana Family said...

I love it!
Miss You all so much.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful addition to your home. I hope it will go well and you will have many years of good use out of that double-decker porch. You sound like you have a wonderful church fellowship. It's nice to see some good solid fellowships out there.




Oh, we miss you too, Alyssa! Love you.
Yes, the Lord is gracious, Victoria-keep us in prayer when you think of it! Thanks. :)
We're looking forward to using it! It's coming along-they put the steps in today.

God bless you.
Love, Adeline