Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And, now back to birthday and Monopoly...LOL, Sam looks like he's been jipped or something.
The horse and rider are rejoicing over their newly acquired property...
LOL, I just love each of their expressions in this one...
Our dear Kress and little Carlos!! Michael about to blow out the little torches.... Happy Birthday, dear brother! We love you so much! Thanks for the wonderful time, y'all!!
And I shall end with a picture of the three (present here at the farm) grandchildren: Here's Mikey,
And Joe,And Carlos!! :D (This child has got some jaws-he makes us all laugh when he stuffs enormous objects in there! Haha!)

Ah. What cuties.

Well, gotta' run, y'all!

Love in Him,


The Pendletons said...

I love your skirt Dee! Beautiful!
Love you all!

Rebekah S. said...

Woohoo! Looks like y'all had fun! That was such a neat idea Kress.

Dee- the skirt looks fabulous!!! Can you make me one? :) LOL! Love it.

The laundry room is so pretty! Love the idea about the cooling-blue. We'll have to remember that when we are choosing colors for our house. And yes, aren't fans wonderful? We have definitely found the importance of fans around here. :) LOL!

Hope we can see you all soon!

Lovingly~ Rebekah, for the Fam