Friday, July 24, 2009

One of the twins drew me such a beautiful picture!
Me and Anna dear...
The Handyman! :D We all thought it was so funny how the dustpan dropped just as I snapped the picture-LOL, thanks Mr. Michael for the help!
Martha triple-tasking. :D
Daisy putting out her card of choice...
Little Vi
Mama dear and the ladies examine dehydrated goods...
The two Amandas!
Marth, Esther and I with some of the S. girls-it was so good to meet y'all!
The G. family-such a blessing!
Their four treasures #1...
and #3...I just love this-see, they have one older daughter, with three little ones in a row! Just like me and my own dear sisters-that is so special to me!Alyssa RoseMe and my buddy B.!
Miss G. and her beautiful braids...
Uncle FrankA view from the deck, after everybody had begun heading out...LOL, this was actually a brilliant way of packing van-no steps, just right out the window!
Sweet Winter picks her some 'flowers' ;) before going to the car-What a doll! Love that apron.
Great-Aunt Laura with Esther... :)
Sunday was Henry's 11 revolution around the sun!! Congratulations, buddy, and happy birthday!
Daisy Laughing. I just love her!Ice Pops and Living Room Life...
"Come up here, girls!"
Dorothy and Marty
Edger and Daisy enjoying their ice pops...allot. :)TJ and little Esther
'Ze Pinwheel
Bret going at it...Oh, y'all-us kids had a hilarious time thinking up the cheesiest nick names for the grand kids today-Boxing Bret, Running Ronnie, Marathon Mikie, Crawling Carlo', Jogging Joe and Easy Esther!! Haha, these poor, dear children...
Dee and her Joe Man
Dear Mrs. Bohannan
Mother My dahlin' niece and me-isn't she almost edible!?
Our Sam
Rachel and Bethy visiting...
"Bye y'all!"
LOL, we were trying to get a four sisters and Esther picture, but, alas, this was the best we got! At least three of us are looking in the same general direction. :)
Heading out...

Well, praise the Lord for a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Ah, I think I shall hop along, y'all...Goodnight to you all!

Love in Him,

Adeline, for all

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Jeri Beth said...

Hello Mortons!

Adeline, the picture of you four sisters with Ester was so cute! I really like Martha's dress. Did she make it?

I hope you are all well. Please send my greetings to Martha and Dorothy!

~Jeri Beth Hardy