Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enjoying the water... ;)
Wesley tossin' it...
Look out, Mike...Horray for Mama dearest!! She's going for the flag!! Ah, I love my Mom so much-she's absolutely great!!
Enjoying the shade#2
General Running and ThrowingIn between games everybody stopped to replenish their balloon supply. I love that one-man system, Wes-very nice. :D
Root Beer is one of our July 4'th traditions...Oh, and they have to be chilled in a cow trough filled with ice for it to taste just right. :)
Daddy gave the most inspiring talk to us later that afternoon about being bold Christians who stand up and proclaim the truth of God's word, and who are a salt and a light in this country that has, so sadly, strayed from the Lord and His principles that it was (for the most part) founded on. May the Lord help us, and have mercy on us.

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