Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Which we Show off Grandbabies # 3 and The Day Off

Hello, dahlins!!

Well, my dearest family has given me the day off, for my birthday last week. We were rather busy that week so we thought it would be best to have the annual day off this week, :) so, here I am, just having a easy going, relaxing day... The Lord is so good to give us those days of refreshing, isn't He? I'm having so much fun-my family is so sweet!

Hence the lack of pictures. Lord willing I shall tackle that tomorrow. Ah, so many wonderful things to post!! Rora Farms visit, grand babies, the retreat here last weekend, and the-wonderful-everyday-life-stuff that is so precious...Oh, I've just got to show y'all this picture, though, of our darlings-How cute is this!!??
Doesn't this make you smile? :D What a couch full of blessings...

Well, see y'all tomorrow, Lord willing, with tons of pictureages in tow!!

I'm off to grab a bite of lunch and then, ahhh, maybe read a book or something...Good day!



Abbi said...

Cute picture Addie! Looking forward to the posts coming......

Have a wonderfully relaxing day!



The Pendletons said...

What sweet little faces! What a blessings nephews...and nieces are! We all had a wonderful time last weekend and looking forward to the pics!
Love you Addie and love to the family!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cutie pies. Hope you enjoy your day off.


Heatheroren said...

Beautiful pic! Hope you have a good day.

Hope to see you and your family soon!! :-D
Orenczak family said...

Beautiful shot!