Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guesstures, Anyone?

As mentioned earlier, we had a ball playing a few games together one night we were there-we played Guesstures, and had a round table story that was very funny and...creative! Lots of Germans and ingenuity. LOL. :D Guesstures made us laugh 'till we cried-thought I'd show y'all a few pictures of that-enjoy! The game.
Cleveland and Noah try to act out "sleeping".
Bekah and Abbi contemplating...Grace and me. Bless our hearts, we didn't get a single one that time, LOL!! :D

The Consultation
The Little Man in the Tent
"Planning your next move?"
"Let it begin!"
Comb, maybe? :)
Oh, this was great-It was Eman and Noah's turn, and their team got to taking pictures and forgot about guessing, so here is their "Cleveland! Ethan! Guess, over here!! " expression.
We changed the rules to where you only have 10 seconds to read what the other team picked out for you-it was really great and added a fun time crunch...
Ah, now this is lovely. Here, me and Bekah try out "dentures".
And here's little Nehemiah, doing a great job on the round table story!

Thanks, Sanders kids for such a fun evening!

Hope to see you all again soon.

In Him,

Adeline, for all

Goodnight, everybody! Sleep well...


Heatheroren said...

That looked like a lot of fun! Hope to see you and your family soon! :-)
Orenczak family

Sanders Fam said...

LOL! Thanks for posting these pics.

We had a great time visitin' with you too!


The Pendletons said...

Fun, fun! Friends are such a blessing!
Love y'all!