Monday, November 17, 2008

Wesley, Rachel and Joseph

Hey, folks!!
Though these pictures are a little old, I thought I'd share them-they're so precious! What a blessing and joy this little family is... Smiley man... W&R
Their famous see-saw in the backyard, the joy of all who are adventuresome!
Their mode of transportation-LOL, this Land Rover is so-them. ;) This picture of Joe looks exactly like Wes, doesn't it!?
Beautiful Rachel...
Father and Son
Mommie and her baby!
And lastly, here's their house, coming right along!! Tain't it loverly!? This picture was actually taken a few months ago, and by now, the front door is in!! It is super pretty-I'll have to give y'all an inside tour some time soon.

Well, bye for now! Goodnight, y'all!


Mariah C. said...

Lovely Pictures Adaline!
we miss ya'll!
Hope to see ya'll soon!
God Bless

Lauren said...

What beautiful pictures!

Just curious.... How early was Joseph born? It was something like 5 weeks; wasn't it?

He's a cutie! Just precious!


Strangfamily said...

Hello Adaline and Family!

We have tagged your family... Check our blog for more info.

Baby Joseph is so cute! :)

The Strang Family

Olivia Christine said...

That is great! He is so cute!
I have a blog now, it's for my jewelry business! It is exiting! My blog is, I hope you will come!

~Olivia Christine Stone!

MortonClan said...

Hey Mariah!! Didn't Wesley and Rachel get some good ones of each other with the baby!? We miss y'all too!!! Love you, & God bless.

Lauren dear, Yes, Joe was born 5 weeks early-We're so glad the Lord has helped him to become such a strong, robust little guy, and we're all praying for your beautiful (his pictures are soo precious!) little Tait, and are looking forward to seeing some of that darling baby fluff of his own soon...lots of love from Georgia to Alaska!!
P.S. Would you mind sending us your mailing address? You can send it via email, at -That is, if you have time-thanks!!

Hello, dear Strang family!!
Thanks for the tag, it looks like fun!! Blessing to y'all, too!!