Monday, November 24, 2008

Slip and Slide 2

Hey, Y'all!
Look at these hilarious old pictures of us kiddos back in '02/'03 on the slip and slide! We just got a huge bag full of old film developed, and have enjoyed (and laughed) ourselves to pieces looking at them all. We thought we'd share these, considering we enjoyed the same occupation this past summer. Only this was before the grand tire, dawn dish soap and sprinkler improvement of 08. :)
Look, everybody's soo little! {Oh, anybody out there remember that old bus in the background of the last picture!? Old pictures bring back so many precious memories...} 'Ze Slid and 'ze childwen-from left, that's Sam, Martha, (the one in mid-run) then John, Wesley, Cleveland (the one on his way into the fence) Katie (sliding) and then Andrew catching up!
Dorothy, Martha and Katie. And Wessy. (This was back before he gave up his finger thing. ;)
Notice the trash can strategically placed at the end of the slide to break your crash into the fence. We have since replaced it with tires-we've found they're a little softer. :D Oh, and look at Sam's face! So cute.
Cleve, Wes and Sambo...
Little Johnny man...Wow, to see how much the little boys have grown up in just these past few years, really motivates me to be a more loving, faithful sister to them-they're growing so fast, one fails so often, and time is so short. May the Lord help me to redeem the time.

Well, goodnight, folks! May the Lord fill you up with His perfect peace, that passes all understanding tonight!!

(Adeline for )the Morton 'Chillans

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SmithFamily said...

Ohhhh I look wonderful! ''In mid slide" I ached for days after that! What fun times we have had! Great bolg Poog!
Love, KAte