Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Look into Our Day

Hey, Folks!!
Here's a peek into our day and around the farm, this past Thursday. Sorry I'm just now getting around to publishing it-enjoy!
Here's the view from our front door, containing the precious little bit of Fall-ish color on our place!! See, isn't it pretty!? It's gotten more vibrant since Thursday, and we enjoy it so much! The little white specks down there are fluffy sheepies. Now, here in the front yard is a darling Bretski amongst the toys, looking adorably puzzled, LOL..he looks like he's pondering which toy to try next...I think he'll go with the bike. Katie dear is very elegantly reading as she watches her two boys play outside...such a sweet sister, aunt, daughter, wife and mother. And here's La-Munchskin 2 doing his precious "sniffle" face, an expression that he is paid highly for doing on cue-by the way, this is copy written, so you know. ;)
Cozy Coop Ronnie The roses are blooming beside the porch. Y'all, these lovely things smell soo good! Autumn sky Here's Wesley in the front yard trying to jump off a car or truck or two...we're the kind of folks who jump off our car with the neighbors truck to go to the shop and pick up our other car, which we're temporarily using 'till we can get the other one fixed. ;) Really, it's been such a blessing lately to have reliable vehicles! Just these two faithful slaves have now died on us, but I think they're back and running again, thanks to Wes...God has always been so kind to give us cars to get us around in, and even their breaking down at times has only given us more funny stories to tell the grand kids one day!!
Ze' zleeping hound
Now over here are Kressy's we find sleeping grand babes and the lovely lady herself doing laundry!Mikey sleeping sweetly
Little Bit {Humm...the book must have been boring... ;) oh, and check out those rolls!! Mr. Fluffy!} Downstairs in the barn, Cleveland works on the stairs-looking great! And here's Michael clipping the field-All that grass mowing made the farm smell like freshly cut hay..ahhh... And I was taking pictures, LOL. I love mirrors. They're so fascinating. Mirrors used to entertain us kids for hours, with all the neat angles you can get with them. I love it when you turn two of them at that certain angle, and you can see a 'you' for as far as your eye can see, and you get smaller and smaller 'till you're gone...I showed this wonder to Mikey the other day, and he wasn't as impressed with it as I was when I was a child!! We were simple little girls. :)
Alan, Darth and the little boys were all looking at something interesting on the computer...
And Marth was upstairs knitting! She's so gifted at that. Look, isn't this beautiful!? The kaki is so pretty. And over at Rachel's house, I found her and her darling baby re-organizing her home! Wesley had built her shelves that morning, and she was getting everything looking so nice and neat.

And our precious Daddy and Mama were out of town, and we were missing them so much-but they're back now!! Just got in last night. It's soo wonderful to have our darling parents home again. Anyway, Hence the absence of their pictures in this post. :)

Well, ta-ta for now, folks! Have a great day.


Dawn Riffell said...

I do so love reading about and seeing pictures of your family. You are so blessed and God is so evident in your lives. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world.

Bekah said...

I love posts like this, Addie! Great pics! You have greatly improved on your photography skills!

Love to all,

Bekah, for the Fam

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You are so right Martha has such a talent. I would love to see more of her knittted projects. She could have her own knitting blog:)

You have been blessed with a beautiful family!


MortonClan said...

Dear Dawn,

Praise God!! I'm so glad He has been glorified through this blog-He is so good to transform our lives through His redeeming blood-and I'm so grateful that it shows.

Thanks, Bekah dearest-love you too!

Hey Renee! Isn't Martha amazing? She could start a blog, couldn't she! Oh, I'll have to show y'all this quilt she making right now-it is absolutely phenomenal!!! Hope your family is well.

Love, Adeline