Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Proper Hatage"

...As our dear Andrew calls it, was the order of the afternoon after we found our find of the year at Goodwill-Aren't these old hats just precious! Especially on such cute little men.
Beside the old Chevy
"Blue hat, green hat, black hat, gray,
Which hat should I choose to wear today?"
This was a little blurry, but they were all laughing so sweetly!! Cheese! Sideways Smile
Seriousness Cycling
Little (and big :) men Samuel

And hats off to our precious brothers and...hats!!


The Stone Family said...

Oh my!
What amazing hats!!! I just love discovering neat old finds at Goodwill!
We, unfortunately, don't have awesome hats like that in Florida!
Greetings to the clan from Florida!

Mrs. Rabe said...

What a find! They look fantastic on the boys!

Denise said...

How Cute!! It was good to see yall Saturday.

Aunt Neecy

Claire said...

Too, too sweet. I would sure have fun with a hat like that on my brother (however, you had five times the fun!)