Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Celebration of Owen Isaiah

One of the most precious things in the world, is when God sends a baby into the world. It's first cry, the first time you see it's tiny little self, all wrapped up in blankets, in the arms of it's mommy, and you pull back his little blanket, and you see his round head, as soft as the inside of a rose petal...he might look at up at you and cry, or he might be sleeping, or his eyes might flutter as they adjust to their new surroundings. Something in you just want to hold and cuddle them forever...To run your finger over it's perfect nose, so tiny and smooth, that comes to a little button at the end, and what joy comes the first time they smile at you. A little baby is such a gift from the Lord, such a blessing. Recently, we gathered together to celebrate the birth of such a precious little one, Owen Isaiah H., a true joy!!! We love you, Precious! We're so glad you're here with us, and we're so grateful to God for your life.
The man himself! Sweet little paws...
A lovely gift of diapers-and such a creative way of presenting them! The Hagen and H. ladies had such a beautiful luncheon set out! Dearest J. (love that sweater!!) We feasted on strawberry soup and salad, and there were luscious sandwiches, too. The lunching Darling Small in her robes... Yes, blessings to you, Owen!! Laughter... Miss Mary. What a smile... Sweet sisters Gabby and Mary Mrs. K, the mama darling, opening her and Owen's gifts. What a jewel of a lady.
(LOL, I always laugh to myself at how when ever a new gift is opened, we all go "awww..." :) We make a regular choir!! Oh, but all the things really are cute...) After W. Dear shed her robes, she is seen here posing in front of the cake, LOL... And here she is after it's cutting... Camera wars, LOL! Precious S., big sister of the little honored man! And what a wonderful big sister she is-S. is such an example to me. And here's another set of sweet sisters, and Aunts to the little guy!! (Hey, Mrs. Apr.!! Kat. told me you stop by here every so often-super glad you do! Hope you're well. It was great meeting you, and seeing your mom and sister again, too!) Some more tasty little things... Sweet little E., big sister to little Owen...what a cutie pie. Some amazing and precious mothers and wives. S. DearAnd I'll end with a picture of Owen, a most beloved blessing!! We love you, baby.


OurLilFullFam said...

What a sweet baby! My midwife has a little saying that being pregnant is the Lord's way of letting a woman play a small part of a miracle. What a great gift indeed.

By the way, are those the little cheesecakes from Sam's? They had those on sample last time we were there, but were out when we passed. They were waiting for them to defrost.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby and pictures! Do you guys not do baby showers? I've seen lots of post-arrival party pictures and was just wondering. :-)

MortonClan said...

Hey OurLilFullFam!! I'm not sure where they came from but they sure were good. :) Too bad y'all missed the samples...aren't those fun!?

Hello, Anonymous! Oh, yes we do 'do' showers... ;) I just like to call them celebrations for a new outlook on what a shower really is about...Oh, and the reason we do showers post-arrival is so we can know who and what the little one's name is. :) On the lady's first baby, though, we give her a shower a few months before the munchkin arrives (with gifts for boy and girl) so she can have all sorts of fun things to dress It up with right away. And then for the next cutie, she can just use the first one's hand-me downs 'till that One's shower. It's kinda cool doing it when the baby is a few months old, because you can see It's little personality better. It is amazing how different each child is. And each such a darling!!

Ah. Sorry to be so long winded. :D

Have a great day!
Love, Adeline