Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Updatelings

Hello, dears!!!
Well, contractions about 5 minutes apart, Katie's feeling great and in the kitchen with everybody laughing and talking!! What a doll. Oh, and her guess is a 9 1/2 lb boy! And, and Rach and Wes are here with Doughy Joey-they had a lovely trip up here, they said-beautiful rain storm on the interstate-she said it was so pretty. Ah, I love rain...Oh, and Rach says she thinks it will be a 9 lb boy.

Here's a picture of our dear about a week ago, looking lovely with little Spot!

It is lovely and misty here-Mama and Auntie and all the girls are in the kitchen making supper...spinach topped tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, all sorts of yummy things...There's something special about the way ground beef smells when it's cooking...I think it's because we ate allot when I was little, and it smells like childhood....oh, and onions, too. I love homey smells. God is so good to give us those special scents. One of the most precious scents in the world is the pillow soft head of a newborn baby...Ahh, I can't wait!!!!

Mama and Daddy dear are back from the store with the traditional celebration food-they are so sweet.

OHH!! Joy! GrandDaddy and Nana are here!!! Ah! I love and miss them so! I'm so glad they're here. Gotta run.

Love in Jesus,



Jenifer said...

Yay for labor! She looks so tiny to be past due! I feel like a boat and have two weeks left! Can't wait to hear the news and can't wait for my turn...oh, well, I guess I have to wait for both. ;) Praying...

Strangfamily said...

We have been watching your blog for weeks..... can't wait to hear the news!
Blessings to the Morton Clan and hang in there Katie!
Love from the West coast,
The Strang Family

Claire said...

I love hearing about all the celebration in your family surrounding a birth! And Katie looks stunning -- so great for nine months pregnant!

God bless you all, and many congraulations! How nice to have a granddaughter after all those little boys. :)