Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Esther and the weekend of her coming!

Hello, y'all!!
Haha, isn't this something!? We still can't get over that fact that we have a girl!! :D God is soo good. She is doing great, and now weights 10 lb! We had the great joy of spending Mon. and Tues. at the Smithie home, cuddling babies, eating junk food, talking, watching movies, playing cards and putting pink bows on the mailbox for the first time, ;) and just enjoying sweet fellowship with all the dear folks up there. We bid farewell Tues. noon, leaving a gloating Auntie Dee and Uncle John for the week as helpers...some chore... ;) (JK, they were very sweet about getting to stay.)
Our little darling's name is Katherine (spelling still not determined) Esther Smith-isn't that lovely? Named after her dear Mama, and consequently after her great-great and great grandmothers. I love family names! So special. She's called Esther...our little grandbaby is so loved and missed by her family down here...we can't wait to see her and all the family again!
We love you, honey.
Michael Jr. and Dee playing chess... *Studies have shown that waving cereal boxes can relieve stress in times of tension if held at proper angle.* ;)Marth, Bret, Esther and Me...Auntie 'Besshie' and 'ze baby!
The Yuch and Paul Man
The C.'s made this beautiful and delicious cake!! Thanks, y'all-everybody really enjoyed it!Mid-night card games...
And-history is made!! The adhering of the first pink ribbon!!! *hears crowd cheering madly*
There it is! Cunning, uh?
And here she is!!!! Our beauty! Our Small One!!! Praise the Lord.... The essence of cuddly-fluffy-ness, plus pure sweet-ness mixed all up in one tiny little bundle of adorability!! It is-Esther. Ah.
And here another picture of the Cuteness...
And another!! And now her little toesies! Aren't they tiny? :)

Well, until later, folks! Thanks for rejoicing with us in the birth of another blessed grandchild!

Oh-little detail I need to mention-Earlier I said she had 17 little boys between her and the last girl, but, actually there are just 16-in the excitement of the moment, and because I'm so good at my "add ups and take aways" ;) LOL, I miscalculated all the little boys between them! Sorry 'bout that. :D

Anyway, goodnight, y'all! Lord willing I'll be back tomorrow with lots of news and going-ons around here!! So much going happening-the Lord is so faithful. So many things to write down and record...

Love in Jesus,


Baleboosteh said...

Oh she is so adorable! I can imagine the rejoicing over her. We love the name Esther - it is very precious to us because of our own little Esther. What sweet little dresses too! God's goodness towards us is just so wonderful, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love those cheeks! And the little piggy toes! I have three girls (6 and under)...I forgot how tiny they could be!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can just smell the colour PINK! Where's the butter....GORGEOUS!

The Sisters said...

She is so very cute! I love all the pretty pink things!!


OurLilFullFam said...

So beatiful!

I love, as I am sure y'all do too, all her dainty clothes! I am sure sewing is so much fun right now!!!


Anna Naomi said...

Oh, how sweet! I enjoyed all the pictures and descriptions! Nieces and nephews are so much fun!