Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Bees Came!

Look, y'all!! Bees! They finally came in! Michael's two hives, and Andrew's one, I am happy to report, are comfortably settled into their new homes and are doing wonderful.
The two smokers, or whatever they're called. :) Smoke is such an interesting thing. Very pretty, in it's own way.Michael preparing part of the hive. Y'all will have to forgive my novice about all things bee-ish. :) Kressy dear and precious little Carlos looking on...
Critter, after his play time in the dirt of his choice. :) LOL, this child is soo cute!!Off to the bee subdivision...
The making of future honey, perhaps?
While I was taking the flower picture above, I saw Cleve Pushing Mikey in the Cozy Coupe-what darlings!! Mikey just loves that thing...All this bee-stuff went on around lunch time, so Wes stopped by after lunch, on his way to the hardware store to check out the he is examining the smokers...LOL! What a cute brother!! So, we started a good fire in one, and enjoyed pumping it up good and hard. Me and Wes enjoyed watching the smoke curl up in pretty little swirls.... :) Poor Andrew and Mike, LOL.Our two wonderful bee keepers.Clearing away the tall grass,
and getting the boxes ready...'Till the action starts, I amuse myself with taking pictures of beautiful, tiny field flowers...This one is allot smaller then your pinkie nail. (how many of you looked at your pinkie nail? :) I love how the Lord makes some of the most beautiful things the smallest, so you have to stop and get down on your knees to look at them.
Here's one of the hives that Michael has had for a few years. See that lone bee, the last one on the left? Andrew tells me that's one of the look out bees-isn't that neat? He's such a precious brother. Ah...Y'all, how fun it is to have 8 brothers!! Can you believe that!? 8!? What a blessing! And a great responsibility to try to influence the ones still in my sisterly sphere, :) in the right way...May the Lord help me, and all of us, as sisters, mothers and wives to use the influence He's given us for His glory and purposes.After all was ready, they dumped the bees into the boxes, and inserted the queen.
There were so many hundreds of bees flying and landing everywhere.
And, there they are, all settled in. We really looking forward to honey soon, Lord willing!
And, as a little tid-bit, here's our most recent whipped creme kitchen mishap. I think blenders know when we buy them. :D JK.And another tid-bit-
Here are some of Daddy's absolutely gorgeous peas!! They are delicious. Three cheers, dearest Father!!
That's all for now, folks!!

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Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

My family is "trying out" bees, to see how we like them. Our peas from the garden are starting to come in as well. (but they are not nearly as big as yours!) :)

Black Matt Vawser said...

The peas up here in the great North West are just barely sticking they're heads out of the ground.