Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Wedding!

Hello, dear friends!
A wonderful morning to you! I pray you are all well!
We are all trying to get everything back to "normal" over here, {return rented items, wash, er~bleach table clothes and napkins, not mentioning washing regular laundry, and cleaning up the house and grounds} trying to get settled back in from one of the most blessed weekends in our lives!! Ahh!!! I can't wait to give y'all my little spill about the whole thing in the next day or two, and give you some more pictures! Our Uncle Jerry was so dear, and sent us his delightful collection, which we have all enjoyed here... The ones from 'The Photographer's" have not arrived yet, :) but when they do, I hope to share some of our favorites with you all!
I will share my "Addie's To Do" list for the day....I know y'all really want to hear that sort of "useless trivia"... ;) Here goes my lot for the beautiful, blessed day of September 12!! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this lovely day!

*Blog {:)}
*Clean first floor
* finish hemming unfinished project # -, so I can start another one.
*apply poison ivy treatment to beautiful outbreak on face, left hand and right foot.
*Take laundry basket of Wesley's stuff to his house
*Transport a lovely assortment of wedding gifts to W&R's home
*organize cd's, vhs's and dvd's in TV cabinet, throw away accumulation of junk
*set mouse traps around house
*Ask Mama what to do with leftover wedding invites, and clean out the letter writing desk
* call library and re-rent over due books {beg librarian for mercy}
* find over due books
*Throw away dead cut flowers, refill with fresh ones

Well, there is.
May God help all of us today as we endeavor to serve Him. May He remind you, as He kindly reminded me today, of the importance of rising up , and calling our mothers and fathers blessed, and honoring them. May the Lord help me.
Y'all have a wonderful day, now!
Over and out,


Anna Naomi said...

Sounds like you're busy!

My parents and I really enjoyed coming to the wedding - it was beautiful and you all were so generous! Thanks for your hospitality!

Stinnett Family said...

We were so glad to see pictures of the wedding and look forward to the full report! It looked like a joyful, happy day! God bless the new Morton family!

Victor and Bethany Maxson said...

Thank you so much Addie for the update!! I wish I could have been there!! Will I by any chance see you all at the film fest this year?
I hope so!!

Love you all,

The Cochran's said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the wedding. It enabled us to have a glimpse from afar since we weren't able to be there in person.
Blessings to you all.

In His Service,
The Cochran's
Phill, Ellen, Savannah, Sabrina, Sienna, Stasia, Seth and Sayer Stonewall