Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guest Blog

Greetings! Isn't this September weather gorgeous?!! We are clipping pastures and building fences, Wesley and Rachel are settling in and Kressant is getting over a sickness.

If you would like an excellent photo essay of the wedding ceremony , go to 'Photos by Abbi' are featured here and they are great.

Enjoy Fall!


Anonymous said...

so when is that update of the wedding and happy couple coming??? hope to see lots more pics of the wedding and of the new home! are they already living in it?

MortonClan said...

Oh, dear. We are running rather behind. we've been enjoying a few days of not really having to do anything! The photos from Mary Perry Photography are not in yet, but we'll have Addie post soon! The post on is great.
Soon, soon.............Jeanine