Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A note from Michael

Some one asked about my fatherly talks with my children prior to their wedding day. My practice has been to take them out to dinner very close to the wedding date, like two days before and explain to them 'the way of a man with his maid'. I do this not months or weeks ahead, but a day or two ahead, so that they will not have knowledge before they need it. Corrie Ten Boom' s father said to her one day when they were getting on a train, ' Corrie, some knowledge is like a train ticket. When do I give you your train ticket?' 'Just before boarding, Father.' 'Yes. And so it is with knowledge in some areas of life.'

In today's lewd society, it is a sobering and wonderful privilege to treat God's gift of intimacy with the fatherly care it so richly deserves and to see the wonder of it all preserved carefully in the lives of young people about to be married.

I understand the ladies will be posting soon on the order of the wedding day and the symbolism of the different parts of the ceremony. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

More men in society need to listen to this. So often christian men walk into marriage without any support from their families.

God bless your family as you continue to seek Gods will.


KAtie Smith said...

Thank you for being such a precious father to us Daddy. I love you.
Love, Katie