Saturday, September 15, 2007

A note from Mom

We appreciate the interest and questions that have been sent to us. It is very important to communicate within the Body of Christ , amongst Christians, so that we can all learn and grow and change. If your question is of a personal nature, please email Michael B. at

Another note from Mom....................
Michael B. leads us with the Word of God as his Guide and he takes the whole shooting match, so to speak. In the Scriptures , God says that what is desired of a man is his kindness. So, Michael B. leads us and gives his counsel and direction with great wisdom -- and kindness. He is very firm where the Word is firm and he gives grace where the Word gives grace. He treats his adult sons with respect and honor, but then they treat him with reverence and respect. When they marry, he honors, with the fear of God, the sanctity of the new household and gives deference to their new position as married men in the circle of the extended family. The Biblical model in any area of life works best when we apply the whole thing.

And some more questions.....................
We are very grateful that our married sons have built homes and do indeed live near the paternal side of the family, but they are certainly not required to - they just recognize the blessing of extended family!!

No, we do not live near the Smith family. And we do not know what their plans are pertaining to the sale of their home. They are very precious and very hospitable and we have enjoyed welcoming our new 'daughters in love' into our family circle.


Strangfamily said...

Hello Morton Clan-
Do you remember us from the West Coast (California).... we are the Ken Strang Family. We weren't sure if you got our other comment so we thought we would try again. YOu can see our family at our blog which is
May the LORD bless you all,
Cindy, Shiloh, Bethany, Eden

KAtie said...

Hello Dear Stranges!!!
We remember you fondly! We went on your blog and sure did enjoy it!
WE hope we can see you again oneday.
God bless you.
Love, KAtie