Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have a Grand Announcement

As blog readers and other friends and loved ones will remember, Wesley Morton and Rachel Smith were honored on May 19 with a betrothal ceremony.

Rachel's widowed grandmother, Alma Smith, from the Atlanta area, came to rejoice with her granddaughter and our dear Granddad, Jerry Cox , came to rejoice with Wesley and the family.

Well, preparations were underway and they both pitched in to help. They were helping to cut up some kiwi fruit for the feast and struck up a cordial conversation and .................drum roll ,please............................. we have the honour of announcing an engagement.

On June 16, Dr. Jerome C. Cox and Mrs. Alma Smith will unite in marriage. Their engagement party was June 1 and in reminiscing over the events of the past few weeks, it was said, "It was love at first slice." :)

So, out of one betrothal ceremony came another betrothal, and two covenants of companionship will be established in the family this summer. The Smith- Morton/Cox families are joined once again, for the Lord's purposes. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing these two couples together.

We now know that courting couples are the same, regardless of age - giggling , giddy, grinning and inspiring to us all for their delight in each other. God bless these two new households.

( Someone said I should write a book and I said " No one would believe me.")

The cell phones and the florists have been kept busy these past weeks and between Wesley and his Granddad, the road between Moultrie and Atlanta has been a little busier.

Have a wonderful rest of June and, as you think of us , remember us in prayer to the Lord that He will direct all the whirl of joy this coming summer. He has said that He will direct our steps , if we acknowledge Him, and He is a faithful Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ is a faithful intercessor before Him on our behalf. He loves and hears the prayers of the saints and those prayers avail much. Isn't it amazing to think about GOD listening to our prayers and supplications?

Here's to Granddad and Nana and Wesley and Rachel. God bless them.


Mr. Tim for the Sanders said...

We're very happy for Mr. Cox. This is a bit fast - do you think there has been enough parental involvement in this relationship:)

We hope you have a blessed family weekend.

MortonClan said...

Oh, yes, plenty of oversight! Bret read Dad the list of do's and don't's, the adult children quizzed and checked and talked and then Bret laid the rules down in a very definite fashion!!! The banns were read and the courting proprieties were strictly followed. Granddad and Wesley can commiserate together on the straight and narrow way one must walk to snag one of these fine ladies!!

Carol Vawser said...

How exciting!!! My brother's name is Jerry Cox. Maybe we are related. My dad had a cousin named Jerry Cox. His cousin's dad is Richard "Bud" Orville and he had a sister named Joan. They all lived in Missouri. Check into it.
God bless, Carol

Baleboosteh said...

Now here is proof indeed, if proof were ever needed, that we never come to a time in our life when God has finished blessing us! What wonderful news and what great joy for both your families! Please offer our heartiest congratulations to the happy couple and our best wishes and prayers for their future together.
Michelle and Rob.

Anonymous said...

I should would love to hear more about the dos and donts of courtship as practiced in your families! also could you take us step by step through the courtship ceremony....we just dont seem to have courtship in my country!!

Lydia said...

Congratulations to both couples! How exciting!