Monday, June 25, 2007


Hey, Y'all!!
Well, Cleve and Martha and Tom are on the way home from our traditional "junk food" shopping excursion we have whenever we get a new baby!!! ;) Chocolate, doughnuts, candy, Kress's comfort food {yogurt, ice~cream, ect.} and anything else on the store shelves that catches the eye of our traveling merchants...
OK, sorry to bore you with all that good stuff...;) Kressy Bess is doing well~She is really having some very intense laboring~ to see her and Michael praying together and Mike being such a comforting husband is so ~awesome. {In every sense of the word's meaning} Praise God!!! Her contractions are 1 and 2 minutes apart, and the Lord in his mercy is giving her little 5 minutes breaks every few contractions. The mid wife is still on her way~she should be here soon!
Oh, my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy and excited!!!! Last checkup { a week ago} the midwife said he was 5 pounds!!!! So wittle! wow.... Bless he Lord.
Thanks so much for your prayers!


FitzClan said...

Well, we don't know you directly, but we met Katie and the Smiths at the Film Festival and have kept up with them through their blog. And then we just saw Bethany at the Jamestown Quadricentennial, and she gave us a Kressant update.

Just to let you know, we're praying and checking regularly for updates! How special to have a new baby!


MortonClan said...

Hey, dear Lauren! Beth has told us about you. :) I really hope that I can meet you in person very soon! Thank y'all so very much for your prayers and thoughtful comments!! y'all are all so sweet and caring!! :D Thanks again~ God bless you and yours, Lauren!

FitzClan said...

We'd love to meet all of ya'll in person sometime soon! We don't live so very far away, so who knows?

Congratulations on the new baby! Can't wait to see some pictures!