Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Camping Trip Retro

Hello, Everybody!
Good afternoon!! Hope you all are well.
Amanda D. kindly gave me a cd of pictures from a camping trip we took a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd post some! Hope you enjoy.
We had a wonderful time swimming, canoing, attempting to roast marshy marsh mellows {it was drizzly all afternoon on day 2~but that only made the swimming funner! } and swinging from Alan and Cleveland's massive rope swing! They tied a huge rope to a really tall tree, over hanging the cool, flowing river, {"Sharp rocks at the bottom?" "Most likely." No, they moved all precarious objects out of the way...;) Brothers are so sweet...} and then built a ladder up the slope~you could elegantly tip toe up the ladder, gracefully take hold of the soft rope, {envision a French toile, with a swinging maiden, with the vines growing down the rope and flowers everywhere, ect....} and glide out over the water and decend down into the soft silken sea after sailing through the air!!! ;) Well, some of them could. ;) I had a delightful time, anyway, {please, continue to envision French toile....}
The highlight of the weekend was Wesley's and Rachel's bethrothel~Words cannot express my joy and excitement for this upcoming union~What a tremendous blessing to have such a godly young woman to be my brother's wife!! Praise the Lord!!
Ah, I do believe tent camping beside a river is one of the most delightful things in the world. Especially when the Lord has blessed {me} with such a precious Daddy and Mama and family and friends to do it with.
Well, little Paul has requested a 'picinicka' out doors for lunch, and Dorothy, such a sweet sister, has obliged his little request~they are ready, so I must go!
Have a wonderful afternoon!

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SmithFamily said...

Oh how jolly Adeline!! I love your style sweetie. Your posts are soo jolly.
Amanda was so sweet to donate the pix.
One of these days I might get on top of things and actually keep the Smith blog up-to-date, for at least a few weeks, lol:) More likely I'll just talk about doing it. Weeellllll...

I love y'all bunches mine sweets.
Have a good weekend with the fellowship. We'll be missing y'all! Give my darling my love.

Thine S'Morton sis up away in Griffin