Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Update! ;)

Hello, Everybody!!!
Well, here I am at the Davis home in North Georgia!!! John and I are having such a delightful time, and have been so blessed by being with this precious family. In the past few weeks they were in a car accident~ the Lord was so gracious, and they have been blessed with God's healing.
The children and me have been having so much fun having picnics and hiking on the trail that is near thier home, and playing that we're fighting/fleeing from the British/Indians/Yankees/bears and other desperate characters that roam the woods!!! ;) Right now, little miss Davis and me are looking out the window watching John and the other boys build a grand fort with two rooms!! They are so sweet. Humm....speaking of it, I think I want to go take a look! :)
Hope that ya'll have a blessed day! May our wonderful Savior bless and keep each of you in His mighty hands.
Love in our Lord,
Adeline and Little Miss Davis ;)
P.S. To dear Jordin H.~I am so sorry that I did not get to say bye to you on Sunday~I hope your traveling goes well! I'll be praying for you. I look forward to seeing you soon! Much love, A.G.M.

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