Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flash News from Calathora

Master Edwin, the 5 year-old buddy-boy here at Calathora, has been quite sick since last Monday. Various symptoms have been off again, on again and we were becoming concerned that he might be getting dehydrated. We conferred with knowledgable friends and finally called our excellent doc and we all agreed to give it another day. We thought we might be quite possibly facing an overnight in the hospital for IV hydration.

Several of the men in our fellowship meet for breakfast on Wednesday mornings. About 7, I was sitting there, waiting till 8, to take Edwin to the doctor's office and the thought occurred to me that I should be actively hydrating him. (Yesterday, when we did that, the results were, well , shall we say , not effective. ) But, I went ahead and offered him some fresh apple juice - he drank it right down!!! then I continued to work with him ( we'll skip the details ) and praise be to God, he responded ! No doctor visit , no hospital, no IV!!! It seemed that the men were praying and The Lord had mercy on us. We have been shouting and praising the Lord all morning , here at Calathora.

I must away. :)


Sanders Family said...

May the Name of the Lord Be Praised!

The Sanders

Baleboosteh said...

Where would we be without the mercy and the wisdom of God which He gives us so abundantly. Praise the Lord and may Edwin soon be back to full strength!

Heather said...

I was utterly delighted to find the Morton family on a blog!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the treasure of a photogallery you have up!

Many blessing upon you!

Heather Brown

MortonClan said...
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