Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent Random Pictures

...from the past few weeks.
Michael Jr. and Carlos...
Mama Dear
Wow, Little Sprout. Looking pretty dangerous, there. "Da-da-it's pow-pow!!"
Aunt Kress and Joe
The sheriff and his side kick.
Georgia Pine
I spotted Uncle Andrew and Michael III going for a walk the other day and got this. Just precious. I just love it blown up. You can see Mikey III's hand in Andrews. Ah.
Sam and I playing with shutter speed on one of the most amazing subjects God ever made.
And here's my Dee-dear, on a beautiful foggy evening-
Well, that's all for now, y'all. Have a good evening!



OurLilFullFam said...

Such good pictures!

The one of the cat and dog is too funny. Cats do take their *job* so serious don't they?

Whiddon Family said...

I love the picture of "The sheriff and his side kick"!!! Too funny!
And the picture of "Dee-dear" is a very good picture!
Thank y'all for posting!
Laney W.

Alan Smith said...

Nice balance on the fence post, kiddo. ;)