Friday, January 26, 2007

Good afternoon, dear friends. Our computer has gone up in the proverbial puff of smoke, so we are getting to experience the world without internet. Isn't it amazing how much tech can become a part of the daily routine? We miss being able to communicate via email and blog , so I'm at the library saying hello from the Mortonclan!!!!

We are enjoying our Southern winter. It is fairly warm by lunchtime and the boys end up playing at Mor-town and shooting imaginary bad guys. Samuel and I fixed the milk cow's water yesterday. He did a great job of lugging hoses and getting tools and tightening screws.

Paul is now officially on the big boy chore list. He empties trash cans in addition to his usual help in the dining room. Great job, Paul.

Edwin is evidently left-handed and yesterday the light came on about how to shape a capital E. He and I were so excited!!

John is quite the quick fellow - quick on the wink, the sly smile and the wide grin. He is a charmer and a great help around the ranch.

Oh, now when people say, 'How's that baby?!!!!' , it takes me a second to catch myself and remember that they are now talking about my GRANDbaby!!! And he is GRAND, I must say. Isn't he beautiful? I used to tell my children to get me a sweater that said,"Lean, mean spoiling machine". But now I need one that says, " It's okay. I'm just a new Grandmotherrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I guess you can tell I'm a little excited.

If you were a fly on the wall lately at Calathora, you would have seen a happy bunch of men. Dorothy , Adeline and Martha have been putting on some meals that the menfolks have been raving about. Fried chicken, roast and gravy, spaghetti and salad out of the garden - can't you smell the coffee? They even made fresh strawberry fried pies, just like Nettie B. used to make. M-m-m-m, smiles around that table, for sure. We are sewing up a storm, too. Sitting in front of the fire, stitching away, while the cups of tea steam on the side table. Ah , we love the winter here in South Georgia.

A dear friend is in labor, even as I type.

The older guys went to sweep off Granddad's roof the other morning, and Granddad called and had them over for breakfast!!!! He is one grandaddy in a million. We thank the Lord for Grandparents who love God and pray for us and encourage us to follow the Lord. God bless Granddaddy and GrandMom. I wish I had a picture. They are such a handsome couple.

We hope to attend the Vision Forum Father-Daughter Retreat in late March. See you there? It is loads of fun and a delightful weekend. My girls enjoy the preparation and anticipation, the sewing and the laughter, getting ready for the big weekend!!

Michael B. is doing a lot of reading and studying of various issues related to the Fellowship and some issues in the county government. He is a wonderful gift to us from our Heavenly Father - we cannot say enough about our gratitude to the Lord for him as our father and husband. We love you, Michael B.

Well, I will say adieu. Adieu. :) Jeanine, the Mom and GRANDmom

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sweet mama and baby! Posted by Picasa

Daddy with Pauly who is checking out his new nephew:) How precious!! Posted by Picasa

"Offspring.......Jelly man, Jelly man.....Offspring." LOL!Posted by Picasa

Aunt Martha enjoying the little cutie pie.  Posted by Picasa

Here he is y'all!!! Bret Alan Smith the third:) And he's just gorgeous! Blessed be the name of the Lord who has blessed Alan and Katie with this precious treasure!! Little Bret is doing wonderfully, and Mother and baby are getting some much needed rest.
Thank y'all so much for all the prayers and support that has been given over the past couple of days. We'll try to post more pictures later.
Good night!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A much beloved mother and child.

The clan in it's entirety with Alan, Katie and baby Bret!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

About 10 minutes ago, one of God's most awing miracle happened!! He has blessed us with one of the most beautiful things in the world~ a 8 pound 11 ounces baby boy, with a huge head of blonde hair!!! When he came out, he could not breath for a full 5 minutes~We all cried out to the Lord, and were praying in the Spirit, and God was gracious and merciful, and with the quick and wise actions of a God~send of a midwife, he began breathing and getting his color back!!!! The Lord is so wonderful!!! Mommy is doing splendid, and is at this very minute feeding Little bit! Praise the Lord!!!!!
Will post a few pictures in a minute!!!
Love a happy,
Aunt Adeline
30 hours, 6 cm and mommy doing well but exhausted~we are praying for her strength. We hope that it might come in the next few hours, but ya' never know! ;) Katie is so wonderful and amazing.


Well, Goodnight, everyone!
Still waiting, Katie is resting, and we are all going to get in a few hours of sleep! ;) The wittle bunkin' is taking it's sweet time, and has lots of eager grandparents and aunts and uncles to hold it when it decides to come! What a darlin'.
Sleep well,

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby Update

Hey, Y'all!
Well, still waiting. She is being able to relax now, which should really help a lot. Daddy Dear said that it should be here in a couple of hours! Goodness!!! We are SO excited!! I can't wait to hold that wittle bit in my arms!!! She has been in labor {more or less} for about 21 hours! What an example and trooper. She is doing wonderful~Dorothy worked real hard in a labor of love for Katie, by taking many hours to make her eggplant parmesan, an Italian dish known for putting woman in labor! ;) What a wonderful sister.
Well, thanks for your prayers! More updates later...
Signing Off,


Hello, All!
Well, we are in a waiting time...Katie is very tired, and is resting before the next "wave" of intense labor. What a precious sister! Please continue to pray for a safe delivery. Thanks!
This morning at 3:45 am, about 30 minutes after she started, Cleve was a sweetie and let a whole hassle of his sisters go along with him as he went to the store to get a van load of delectable goodies, {cold cereal, krispy kream, cappuccino mixes, ice cream, and anything else that caught our eye, LOL!!:} Our precious Granddaddy, when he and Grandmama Dear would come to Mama's births, he would always make it such fun for us kids by getting us fun treats and leading us in songs. We thought we would keep up the tradition! :) This will be their very first great~grandchild! Wow. They are hoping to come up and see the baby this afternoon!! They are such a blessing from God!
Well, More updates later.
The Waiting
Adeline and Family
P.S. Dearest Mrs. Ruthanne, I was so delighted to hear from you the other day! Sorry I have not been able to write back~the computer at home took a nose dive and crashed! :) I can't wait to write back as soon as it is fixed! What a blessing you are!
Much Love,
Adeline Add Image
Contractions 50 sec. apart! KAtie's doing wonderful! any minute now! Praise the LOrd!!!

THE BABY!!!!!!!!

Well, here I am as promised!! Live updates! ;) Well, at this very moment, Katie's in labor!!!!! We are all so excited! Her water broke at about 11:45 last night, and it is now 3:22 am~Please be praying for her and the little one. I think Amanda Davis will have a birthday buddy for January! Will right more later......
Over and out,

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sweet Martha Posted by Picasa

Martha is always seen with a babe in arms~she is a true "lover of children" and is a great favorite with all the kiddies! What a blessing she is.Posted by Picasa

. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa . We love you, Martha!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goodmorning, Everybody!
Here are a few pictures from a delightful Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago~Thanks to Angela H. for sending us these pics., we can now share with you Mr. Ray's hilariously fun trampoline invention! He got an old tarp from a trampoline, and tied sturdy "puller" ropes where the metal frame would have gone, and ta~da! On Sunday some of the younger kids hoped right on and went up to a thrilling height with just a tug of the ropes!! ( and about 10 men to do the job... ;) Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed watching it! (Please excuse the sideways pictures~I could not get the "thing" to work.)
Good day to you!

Sam experiencing the thrill of Mr. Ray's invention. Posted by Picasa

The Onlookers Posted by Picasa

Campbell on the way down. Posted by Picasa

John Man trying it out. Posted by Picasa

Henry's turn! Posted by Picasa

There goes Edwin! Posted by Picasa

Whao!!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gettin' Hay

Yesterday, Wes, Mama and the some of the little boys loaded up in the Chevy and went to go get hay~We thought they looked so cute up there, we thought we would get a shot or two of em'! What darlin' little boys. Posted by Picasa

Sam, John and Edwin atop the hay. Posted by Picasa

Simply Southern  Posted by Picasa

A Peek at a Morton Evening

Greetings, All!
Last night, as we were out of recent pictures to blog, Wes went around taking a few shots of a quiet (or not so quiet :) evening here at Calathora~Enhanced by the delightful "company" of our dear brother and Sister~in~law who live next door! Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pictures! It's the old camra...

Michael and Kressant and fa wittle punkin'! Posted by Picasa

We really enjoyed having Mike and Kress over for supper last night, as always~Here we all are having a hilarious time over impersonations, animated stories, and mouthfuls of good Southern fare. Being with precious family is such a delightful and priceless thing. Posted by Picasa

Wonderful Cleve Posted by Picasa

Eating 'Lupper... Posted by Picasa

Having fun in the kitchen! LOL, look at Edwin! He seems to be having a difficult time with being lifted off the floor two feet by an exuberant sis... ;) Poor darlin'. Posted by Picasa