Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby Update

Hey, Y'all!
Well, still waiting. She is being able to relax now, which should really help a lot. Daddy Dear said that it should be here in a couple of hours! Goodness!!! We are SO excited!! I can't wait to hold that wittle bit in my arms!!! She has been in labor {more or less} for about 21 hours! What an example and trooper. She is doing wonderful~Dorothy worked real hard in a labor of love for Katie, by taking many hours to make her eggplant parmesan, an Italian dish known for putting woman in labor! ;) What a wonderful sister.
Well, thanks for your prayers! More updates later...
Signing Off,

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Anonymous said...

you dont know me but I have been reading your blog (and the smith families one) for a while now. Im from Australia - and have no idea how I ended up on your blogspots - but I find your lifestyles very interesting as they are so different to mine. I have been reading everyday to see any news of the baby, and was just wondering if Katie is in a hospital or if you help her delivery? Anyway, know that even over here in Australia, someone is praying for the safe arrival of the little one and for Katies safety also!