Monday, June 23, 2008

Celebration at Reed Bingham

This past June Kress threw a delightful party for her dear hubby in honor of his 24 birthday, {Happy birthday, dear Michael!} at Reed Bingham Park. We had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed being together out on the lake!! Three cheers for Michael Jr. and a jolly party!!!
Happy Birthday, dear brother!Our sweet hostess... Father and son...A view of the lake...Happy Martha!!John Man..."Hi there, Auntie!"Aww...Paul's paparazzi smile.... ;) Hydration. :pIt was so good to have Aunt Carlotta and Uncle Frank come with dear GrandDaddy and Nana! What a joy to see them again! Above is a picture of lovely Carlotta...Joseph's darling little paw...It's so chubby!! I love it.Our precious GrandDaddy and his FDR hat....ah, what style....The one that didn't get away!LOL!!Doesn't Nana look great in this hat!!!? What a lady. She looks like a British grandmum. {by the way, what do they call Grand mamas in the UK? Just curious.}Lost in thought....I wonder what she's thinking...humm.

Sustenance!!'La grill!!"Beans!!!??" Daddy Dear and Michael Jr. did a great job grilling everything~Thanks y'all!"Please, no more!"
Pavilion detail...Right before supper we three girls went out on the lake for a quick canoe ride~It started storming while we we out there, and the lightening just over the bank was beautiful!! The park ranger made us get off the lake, however, but not before we were able to have a jolly time, and get some pictures of our adventure!! Three cheers to our precious old leaky canoe!! {It's such a cool floating object~it belonged to our great grandfather, which is very special.} 'Taint this purty!? Mwaa'Our #1 lead paddler...Relaxation....

Well, maybe not...she must be making up for lost time here... ;)"Wata!"Wake waves...Traipsing back! What dear memories...And now, to end our post, I shall leave you with the birthday boy's grand talents!! Horray, bubba!!! {See how the two 'youngers' look on in wonder and awe!? ;) LOL, what delightful brothers...}Up...And back down!

See y'all later!!


Baleboosteh said...

It looks as if you had a really fun day and a lovely celebration! Happy Birthday Michael!

Yes, your grandmother does look very British in that photo - it must be the hat! Our boys call their grandmother 'Nanny' or 'Nana', but 'Grandma' is quite widely used too. Their grandfather is 'Grand Dad' now that they both can pronounce it - for the longest time he was known as 'Dad Dad'!

Alan Smith said...


Do you have a good shot of Michael doing his, "hang upside down by the toes," thing?


MortonClan said...

Hey Alan!
I'm afraid I don't...I'll have to get one soon-it is amazing, is it not!? Have a great day!!