Monday, March 24, 2008

A quick note from Mom

My heart is full of thanksgiving to the Lord . I wanted to jot a quick note in between Adelines's wonderful posts......

Two weeks ago the fellowship here is South Georgia/North Florida hosted a weekend retreat from Thursday - Sunday. It was a weekend of fellowship and full hearts. The men were focusing on vision and practical aspects of that topic. Oh, to hear these men of God share their perspectives and hopes and thoughts and to see their families joyfully supporting the
unique vision of each father was an experience to hear and see. One man was reading a Scripture and he said " I am standing before you reading this , but I feel like I should be on my knees." The Lord has done a marvelous work in these families and what a privilege the Morton clan has, to be in fellowship with them.

So, I am praising God for the wonderful weekend we had here at Calathora, with a full house and RV's everywhere - we really take a deep delight in having these events here - we are so edified - and yes, tired ! - when it is all over, but we can't wait until the next time!!

Then, this weekend, we went to the wedding of Melissa Keen and Justin Turley. Now, we love weddings. The music was beautiful - harps and then this great , swelling organ - magnificent!! All was lovely and it was a delight to attend. ( We especially liked the precious flower girls, coming down the aisle, ringing small bells). We saw old friends and met some new ones. The bride was lovely and the groom's eyes were all aglow. ( The chowder at the reception was surely someone's secret recipe - worth bribing someone over!!)
( Paul, my 4 year-old, wanted to speak to the bride, so I took him up to their table during the reception and she very graciously spoke with him - and I do believe , made his day!! )

So, a wedding has filled our hearts with joy.

Then , Sunday morning, we attended church with the Tim S. family in Auburn. The sermon was refreshing for its Biblical accuracy and the gentleman who delivered it was refreshing in his humility. What a feast for the heart. What a challenging sermon - that we are not slaves to sin.

Our hearts are filled from being with the Body of Christ.

When we got home, we rested and then watched a movie together, which is a favorite Mortonclan thing to do. Not too many movies are worth watching,though, so it's a treat when it all comes together.

Time with family is dear and precious.

And then this morning, a dear friend called to check on me. What a joy and comfort to know that Michael and I have brethren to walk shoulder to shoulder with. Brethren to hold us accountable and to lift us up .

Praise the Lord!

I am encouraged. I hope you will be encouraged today. Like I tell my children some mornings when I wake them up - This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Morton,
I just wanted to let you know that your article brought me to tears. We miss that sweet fellowship out here that you get to enjoy so often. We live in a spiritual wasteland. I always look forward to reading the blogs from out dear friends in the South. You are such an encouragement to me and my family. I don't know if you even realize how your family blesses ours. Thank you!
Mrs. Vawser