Thursday, May 25, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mrs. Jacqueline serving ice cream,

The Morton family had the great enjoyment
of traveling to our Smithy's house for a day of fellowship and to discuss
the plans for the upcoming betrothal of Mike and was a tremendously fun time of fellowship. Their hospitality is always so welcoming and accommodating.

Some of the boys, ~w~

Quite a charming couple :] ~w~

Michael jr. And his beloved Kressant,~w~

It's Monday morning, here in South Georgia. The weather is beautiful , the rain has left everything refreshed and we are catching up on the Monday morning laundry.
Our family went up to visit the Smith family after church Sunday. We got home at about 4 this morning. YYYaaawwwnnn. Michael was able to visit with Kressant for the evening. They took a few escorts/chaperones and went for a walk . John Wright brought me a lovely bouquet from the woodland flowers.
Hey, Happy Mother's Day to all you fellow Moms out there. My mother always said that every day is Mother's Day. Isn't she great?!
Did you take your daughter out to lunch last week? Just checking. :)
Hey, the joy is not limited to daughters. One of the most delightful times I have stored in my heart is when I was able to take my oldest son out to lunch at this little hole in the wall, classic meat-and-2 vegetables- and- tea place in the little town up the road. This particular son is soon to be betrothed to a lovely young lady. Time flys. Carpe diem.
You know, I haven't spent time with the Lord today and I let a chance to kick the ball with my 2 year old pass me by. . Let me go and attend to those things.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Morton household has been astir lately. The men are going dawn to dark , six days a week and those of us here at the house are trying to keep up with them and be a faithful support team.
We enjoy sharing this blog with our friends in blogland, keeping you current on our doings, simple as they are. We do our best to blog "in order", but that has proven impossible, so you'll have to use your imagination!! Between the wedding of Alan and Katie, and the upcoming betrothal of Michael and Kressant, we are so excited , we cannot keep it in chronological order!!! Not to mention that you have to blog backward.....
This is Mrs. Morton here - Jeanine- I am determined to conquer this machine, so Adeline kindly taught Martha and me how to blog yesterday. I feel quite pleased with myself. LOL
We have tried to give you dear friends who could not join us for the festivities a taste - or should I say a picture - of what happened on the day of the wedding we had back in April. They are doing well and have celebrated their one month anniversary!!
Dorothy is heading up the garden here at Calathora and that is tasting really delicious, with broccoli and English peas appearing on the dining table. Martha is presiding wonderfully over the groaning board and the kitchen - she made English muffins yesterday - you just must get her recipe. Dorothy was the faithful instructor on that cooking class.
Adeline is our family's faithful correspondent, she enjoys keeping up with folks via letters. Aren't letters fun? Have you gotten yours yet?
The cow is doing well - we are enjoying the fresh milk . All is well - our God reigns and life is good.
Michael B. is running for county commission in July. This is a new venture for our family. Our local government is developing a fascist flavor , and Michael wants to give the voters an alternative. I call it government by the Book. Michael encourages fathers and sons to check out the Witherspoon School - a one week crash course by the Vision Forum in law , public policy and each person's vital place in the whole historical and political grand adventure being played out in our daily lives. Michael said that he and our sons attending the Witherspoon school opened all their eyes to their vital role as men who would stand in the gate of their community. Interesting. Life - changing. Happens again soon.
My Mom and Dad have moved back to their home and are doing well. We miss them , but they are doing great and are gaining strength each day. What a treat it was to have them here, during all the preparations for the wedding in April.
Plans are underway for the betrothal ceremony of Michael and Kressant. Whew, what an exciting spring!!
Dear ladies, let's all keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus. We can discuss wedding plans with the 22-year old and sympathize with the scraped finger of the 2-year old and rejoice over the picture of the 5-year old and talk seriously with the 16-year old about the different merits of this shirt and that skirt length and that style of hat and be gentle with the 8-year old who just came flying through and spank the 6 - year old - again :) and then go back to the 20 -year old's question about something ....... life is gloriously full in these alive households and it is only as we stay abiding in Christ that we can do this glorious work with a steady hand on the kitchen and a joyful step on the stairs. I like to think of God as the ocean and I am backfloating on Him.
My biggest challenge - I have many :) , but one of them is to guard my thoughts from discouragement. As soon as I realize that my thoughts are in the wrong place, I try to gather myself and either pray , out loud, or sing . Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Hallelujah. Isn't it amazing and wonderful that we can enter the Holy of Holies and pray and sing to the Lord at any time?? His help and comfort are available to me .
Isn't serving the Lord the most wonderful thing in the world ?? What a privilege to be here in my home, able to guide my children and await the homecoming of my dear men, and make a home that comforts and encourages.
Well, I'm all rarin' to go make today a rich day in the kingdom. I'm off - to be patient with those in training - that includes me - and to guide those who are older and to enjoy them all!!! One thing this wedding has taught me is that - lo and behold - they really do leave. Take your daughter out to lunch!!!! Do it today! Go outside and look at the caterpillar , Jeanine, that your 2- year old has squashed in his excitement to show it to you.!! Oh, Lord .Help us to keep our eyes on You and live today engaged and in gear and do not let sin have dominion over us. Let our lives as ladies in our homes be living epistles of joy, happiness and delight in the journey of life. When we stumble, help us to get up quickly. Well, my crew is stirring ! Fight on,dear ladies.

Faithful Andrew went across the cotton field several times with a sprained ankle, like the trooper he is, to deliver the messages to Alan and Michael. Here he is after delivering the final message to Alan - It's time to claim your bride.

Alan rides up to take his place at the gate.

First, the best man arrives and announces the bridegroom's coming.

He's riding across the field! He's on the way! Quick - to your places! He's coming! He's coming!

Riding up, the bridegroom and his best man stride over and take their places.I wish you could have heard the buzz of the assembled guests, their cries of delight and then excitement with each new development of the proceedings. None of us really knew exactly what to expect and it was all very exciting!!

And here she comes!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The wedding party meets at the gate.

The happy wedding party, sans one little flower girl. She was a young , little thing and was probably with her Mom, and so missed the picture . We missed you, Bethany H.!

Mrs. Tom Teate, from Vienna, Georgia, brought her wonderful floral skills to the lovely occasion. Myra is a special friend to the Morton clan.

Katie's sisters served her as maid of honor and train attendants. Here are Adeline and Martha trying to keep the train straight during the waiting time.

What a morning. We went from laughter to tears and back again...Praise be to God - both families were so thrilled at the goodness of the Lord ....and so we waited....

The bride's father addresses the bridal pair and the assembled guests. In the background is one of the Smith's lovely grandmothers.

Up at the house on the wedding morning, the sometimes tearful bride and her mother were attending to last minute details, while everyone waited for the word from the groom's father.

Alan's campsite was across the cotton field . He had to wait all morning, until his Dad sent a messenger that it was time. He waited and waited.....

Check out those binocs - a wedding gift from Katie's granddaddy. Alan put them to good use that Saturday.

" Soon...soon."

A highlight of the ceremony in Alan and Katie's wedding was when Mr. Bret Smith presented Alan with a sword and gave him a charge to provide for and protect his new bride. The solemn father knighted his equally sober son , as the audience looked on, in a hushed silence. The huge sword was a special gift to the new family from Mr. and Mrs.Barry Plath of Cairo , Georgia.

Alan and Katie just before leaving the wedding feast after their marriage. Note the dark skies- it stormed - after the festivites were over !!