Monday, October 31, 2005

posted by Mom

Katie may in front of the Texas flag, -w-

Dorothy at the dinner table, -w-

This is us at the Pig Stand Restaurant near San Antonio

Mom and Katie -w-

The Ladies having lunch on the back porch.

Yuche babe and "quadelwhop" Paul

La familia Morton en el Mission San Jose -w-

my four charming sisters

Kressant and Bethany singing in the back of the truck

Cleveland and Paul in front of A Texas cow pasture =w=

Adeline Grace

Arthur Lummis, at the Turack's house, posted by -m-

our family in front of the most enormos entrance, posted by -w-

Katie and the little boys posted by -w-

Friday, October 21, 2005

new camara

we're getting a new digital camera [to replace our old one, whitch died an untimly death in an unfourtunat fall over the ballister of the stairs] as we did not want to be with out one on the trip.
I'm sure we'll have many pictures when we get back.posted by -m-

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

three of daddy's "south'un" daughters

Dear Editor:

It has long been said by those who would destroy us, that they would take us over without a shot and that the rural areas would be their last battleground. For just as disease spreads more rapidly in the urban areas, so Godless philosophies have followed suit.

The rural areas are the last bastion of freedom in our nation. But as the saying goes,’They’re gettin’ to the short rows, now.’ Through government grants, farm subsidy and welfare programs, they are taking our tax money and subduing every walk of life under the central control of the state. George Washington said that government is force and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Many of the freedoms we still have here, like private property, can be taken away from us by a mere showing of four commissioners’ hands., making us serfs on our own land. Apparently, a few politicians and certain rich folks know how to use our land better than we do. The environmentalists with grants are coming at the farmers from the river bottoms, while big government and the money-hungry rich press from the city to find new ways to ‘shear the sheep’. In land use alone the residential and commercial will go up in value while farm and ‘green space’ will plummet, reducing farmers’ market options. They say they want to ’save our farmland’, but I thought the farmland belonged to the farmers!

When the farmers are ready to sell their land for retirement or out of necessity, it can be cheaply purchased by those, who, with friends in high places, will be able to obtain a variance, while the poor may be apologetically refused , all to protect the agricultural base, of course.

When it’s all said and done, the government will get more power, the unprincipled rich will get richer and the environmentalists will gain more land as they lobby in Atlanta for more laws.

Read the land use ordinance our commissioners are considering and see that it allows their agents complete access to your property and your resistance can be fined at one thousand dollars a day or 6 months in jail for each day you do not co-operate.

I call on all who love freedom to attend the next land use meeting to express your opposition to this new law. Maybe if they feel the heat, they’ll see the light.


Michael B. Morton